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Anonymous asked: My hair's broken A LOT in some places but it's long in others what should I do to fix the damaged areas? Like half of my hair's super short and the other's medium length :/ I don't know what to do

you can clip off the split ends ensure to massage your scalp with castor oil and moisturize your entire head especially the shorter parts from root to tip. you can do a weekly hot oil treatment with coconut oil, olive or any natural oil and ensure to do deep conditioning every 2 weeks.

Anonymous asked: have a long fce... ummm oval shaped ... will an undercut suit me wth quiff ??

To be honest with you i know nothing about haircuts but it’s a hawt look, not sure if the quiff will make an oblong face appear longer or ¬†imbalanced but i personally think it looks great so go for it, you can always surf the web for people with similar features, hope this helped¬†

Anonymous asked: Hello first if all I love your tumblr :-) I have a question do you think it a good idea to wear braids as a a protective style back to back, I am in school and I do not want to be messing with my hair while in school but also I do not want to neglect my hair well, what do you think about braiding for protective styling? Thanks for you time

Thank you :) ! Braids are great to give your hair a break from the constant manipulation just ensure not to leave them in to long, make sure to moisturize your hair when installing them and give your hair at least a weeks rest or more before installing them again.

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